Ice Fishing Reports

In the Ludington area the most popular areas for ice fishing are Pere Marquette Lake and Hamlin Lake.

Hamlin Lake Ice Fishing Report for 1/12/09

Posted for Ice Fishing by Vaughn Flewelling of Hamlin Grocery on January 12th, 2009
Fishing still isn't back in full force. Guys were out yesterday, but didn't limit out. The past three days have been slow on the lake, but yesterday could be the start of a turnaround. Blue gill were hitting on orange jigs, wax worms and spikes. There's very little spearing action, no walleye reports from over the weekend. The lake is still muddy. Guys with cameras just two feet off the bottom can't see anything yet. Cars are parking on the ice now on Upper Hamlin Lake, but we don't encourage it. Check out the rules for parking on ice and make sure that you don't damage the ice on your way out. DNR and authorities are out in full force, especially on the weekends.

Walleye are Biting on Lower Hamlin Lake

Posted for Ice Fishing by Dave Mahannah of North Bayou Resort on January 9th, 2009
FISHING UPDATE: The ice is better! A combination of the warm-up with rain, followed by no snow, followed by very cold temperatures has made the ice much better. Reports from Upper Hamlin are that anglers are still catching some nice Gills off of Wilson Hill Park. Fisherman are still fishing both the South Bayou and North Bayou on Lower Hamlin Lake. But Now, anglers are also taking their shanties out over the drop off on the east side of Lower Hamlin. I have had some pretty good reports on the Walleye fishing out there. Reports from the South Bayou of Lower Hamlin are that the anglers are catching small pan fish and working hard for a mess of nice gills. Reports from the North Bayou, where anglers are typically spearing Pike and Musky in January, are that some larger pike are still visiting the area. One angler got several keepers. As the water continues to clear after the rain, it should get better. As soon as I hear more reports I will let you know. Good Luck Fishing!

Hamlin Ice Fishing January 8, 2009

Posted for Ice Fishing by Vaughn Flewelling of Hamlin Grocery on January 8th, 2009
As of this posting at 3:45pm, we've had about four dozen ice fishermen in for bait today, most buying grubs for panfish. Early reports (around the lunch hour) indicated that it was another slow morning with a few nice bluegills caught. We're hoping for a change in fishing with the cooler temps and snow within the next week. Will keep site posted. Hot colors sold today: purple, pink and any glow. DJ Lures are in heavy demand. Currently we have limited colors available, but expecting a large shipment soon. We also carry a large selection of Hali jigs, Got-Cha bobbers, and new to the area--hand made Got-Cha ice flies. Spearing is slow now and the water is still murky. Be sure to plan a fishing trip to Hamlin Lake on February 7, 2009 for the second annual Walk on Water ice fishing tournament. Over $3500 in prizes will be given away. Give us a call or drop in at Hamlin Grocery for details.

Hamlin Lake Ice Fishing Successful

Posted for Ice Fishing by Vaughn Flewelling of Hamlin Grocery on January 7th, 2009
We've had about 20 guys in the store so far today, most fishing on Upper Hamlin Lake, some on Indian Pete Bayou (Upper Hamlin). Reports are that the ice is good. They are catching lots of bluegill, many up to the limits, though they have to put in time on the ice to limit out. Mornings are best, evenings are okay, though a bit slower than mornings, not much happening in the afternoon. Last Saturday, the fishing was exceptional, but that was before the freezing rain set in on Sunday. Currently, there are reports of several groups of men who have been successful with walleye, but they won't tell where the action is. Some say they've seen guys walking out toward the Ludington State Park and I suspect that may be where the walleye are biting. Our store's most popular lures for panfish are spikes, waxworms and mousies. Teardrops are big sellers and we are getting in new shipments daily. Hot teardrops colors are chartreuse, yellows and glows. Pinks and purples are also quickly becoming popular. Check back on this website for further updates, or feel free to call me at Hamlin Grocery, (231) 843-2058 anytime for a report.

Hamlin Lake Ice

Posted for Ice Fishing by Vaughn Flewelling of Hamlin Grocery on December 20th, 2007
Looks Good. Be careful on the way out and use your spud to check ahead of you, but conditions reported are favorable at 3-8 inches. Guys are taking their limit of Bluegill off Wilson Hill Park and there are some nice Walleye catches each day - but the guys won't tell where the fish are biting. All bayous are being fished and catches are good at Indian Pete and North Bayou. Sad to say reports for the upcoming weekend are warmer temps - we'll continue to watch the ice.

Ice on the Bayous

Posted for Ice Fishing by Vaughn Flewelling of Hamlin Grocery on December 12th, 2007
The bayous appear to have 3-5 inches of ice on them. They are catching Blue Gill on Upper Hamlin, but they are small. Be careful on the ice, thin in some spots. At Wilson Hill Park the ice is poor and very thin at the shoreline. There is a pressure crack down the middle. The fishing is poor. We have wax worms, spikes and moussies. If the weather continues we will have live bait Thursday, Dec 13.

Ice Good on Upper Hamlin Lake

Posted for Ice Fishing by Vaughn Flewelling of Hamlin Grocery on March 7th, 2007
Ice is good on Upper Hamlin Lake. Crappies are being caught in the morning, bluegills in the evening. If you are willing to put in the time, you will catch fish from the reports that we have been getting.




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